The Left, Past and Future

“Our kind of politics skipped a generation”

No Platform

A Philadelphia antifa militant shows off his battle scars, explaining why white supremacists don’t get free speech.

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Trump was smarter on social media than people understood. It’s not a bad idea to tweet at 3am. I wish Democrats would do it more. There’s an audience of working-class Democrats that are third-shift employees. These are people working in hospitals or on custodial staff who are our voters. They care deeply about the economy and getting their kids a good education, and they’re also on Twitter. Scott Goodstein, CEO, Revolution Messaging

Yes We Did

Scott Goodstein led the digital campaigns for Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders, and he’s got ideas for how to use online marketing in the service of leftist causes.

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Since the 1970s, the death penalty has cost the city around $1 billion. That’s money that could be invested in public school teachers, job training, drug rehabilitation, and that could fund these things for 50 years. Larry Krasner, Democratic candidate for District Attorney of Philadelphia

Krasner vs. Trump

Civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner is favored to become Philadelphia’s District Attorney in November. He plans to end the death penalty and mass incarceration, while sticking a finger to Trump’s crazy policies.

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