Community Struggles

“There’s a line in the sand that keeps whites here and blacks there”

Changing Spaces

Members of the Philadelphia-based Black and Brown Workers Collective talk about building alternative institutions for marginalized communities facing racism and gentrification.

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If we cannot walk into a space with our full humanity, either that space needs to be dismantled, or there needs to be a complete shift of power in that space. Shani Akilah, Co-founder, Black and Brown Workers Collective

Mad As Hell

Gary Frazier condemns the establishment of the Democratic Party, whose rejection of Bernie Sanders drove him to get involved with the Green Party in his native Camden, New Jersey.

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The left, and even the Green Party sometimes, doesn’t understand working-class issues. They don’t understand the need to work in order to survive. We can’t afford to get caught up in identity politics. I can’t afford to give a damn about being a woman when I’ve got to eat shit and shine shoes. Cheri Honkala, Former Green Party Vice-Presidential candidate

Politically Incorrect

A lifelong anti-poverty activist, Cheri Honkala describes what it was like to run for vice president in 2012 on Jill Stein’s Green Party ticket while also working full-time as a waitress.

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