Working-Class Politics

“This wasn’t supposed to happen to us”

What Happened?

On his lunch break from building a luxury jewelry store across the street from Trump Tower, Mark explains why he voted for Trump after a lifetime of supporting the Democrats.

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Labor is not necessarily on the left in this country. Trump exposed some of the ideological differences within the labor movement. For many white working-class people, the class divide is not the working class versus corporate executives. It’s ordinary people versus elected officials. Bob Master, Political director, Communication Workers of America, District 1

Swinging Left

Political director for the Communication Workers of America, Bob Master outlines his strategy for pushing working-class Americans to the left.

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We talk a lot now about deindustrialization, but African-American and Puerto Rican workers in particular began suffering its impact as early as the late 1950s and early 1960s. The first victims of automation were unskilled and semi-skilled workers, particularly urban workers of color. Bill Fletcher, Former education director, AFL-CIO

Canaries in the Coal Mine

A veteran of the AFL-CIO, Bill Fletcher reflects on what the American labor movement has missed in its understanding of race and inequality.

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