Immigration and the Left

“That American Dream has gone down the drain”

Refugees Welcome Here

Mahmood explains how his neighborhood in Brooklyn has changed since he emigrated from Egypt three decades ago, and why he supports the rights of refugees.

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A few months ago, I got a letter from my boss asking that I show proper immigration papers. This had never happened to me in my 12 years working there, and I think it had something to do with President Trump’s new immigration policy. Elias, former employee at Tom Cat Bakery

Local Food, Immigrant Labor

Organizers at the labor association Brandworkers discuss how Trump’s immigration policy has affected undocumented workers in the local food industry on Long Island.

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We reached out to other organizations to talk not only about immigrants, but also about the working class, since immigrants are part of the working class. Alejandro Jaramillo, organizer with Movimiento Cosecha

A Day Without Immigrants

A coalition of socialist and other leftist groups in Newark, New Jersey describe how they organized the Día sin inmigrantes march this past spring to highlight the economic value of immigrant labor.

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